The beginning of a new era

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Football, High School, Sports
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The modern manifestation of the St. Patrick Fighting Saints Football program began in 1986. There have been a lot of great moments during the past 28 years.

In our short history, we have always sported a green jersey (with a white or yellow/gold away jersey) and a yellow/gold helmet. There was little deviation from this uniform configuration over the years due to restrictions that had been put into place by our governing body, the Superior Secondary Schools Athletic Association, or SSSAA. When St. Patrick expanded in 1985 after full-funding was extended to Catholic high schools, our varsity sports programs expanded as well. However, there was an issue with our school colours of green and gold, since there was already a school with a predominately green coloured uniform, Hillcrest.

The comprise became that we would have to sport different colour headgear and have a non-green away jersey; hence the reason for the yellow helmets in football. However everything changed in 2009. That year Hillcrest High School closed, and was replaced by a new school, Superior CVI. The new school sported a new name, logo and colours. The change thus left us as the only green team in the league, and paved the way for the change that is about to come.

Selecting a new uniform will ultimately be a two step process, with new helmets introduced for the 2014 season and new jerseys to come the following year. There was a lot debate and discussion amongst the coaching staff and players as to what our new uniforms would look like. Eventually a green helmet was settled on, with a logo and striping on it. A large factor in the decision was the need to accommodate the look and colours of our current uniform, which as indicated will not be replaced for another year.

So without further adieu, the St. Patrick Fighting Saints Football program is proud to unveil our new look for the 2014 season. Many thanks go out to John Ongaro, a former Fighting Saints alumni, for taking these fantastic photos. As well, special thanks go out to current players Kellen Steudle and Cody Baranyk for volunteering to model the new head gear.




Our players will be showing off the new helmets at this weekend’s UMD/Thunder Bay Minor Football skills camp. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for all the pictures from the photo shoot. Watch out for the new jerseys coming in 2015!

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